02 November 2011


this is a segment i like to call V.I.L.E which stands for Various Immoral Lawbreakings for Embellishments.

what girl does not love balmain?  i was thinking (while taking a brake from writing a paper on protest movements in the sixties) that maybe if i could pull an √† la abbie hoffman and use my psychic energy to levitate the Pentagon until it glowed, at which time i would become the unofficial balmain girl.

a page from my sketchbook after so said thought.

note: i would like you to know that i am never to be taken seriously during this segment (in fact i should never be taken seriously in general, for cereal.)  i have a very dark sense of humour, and i also believe i am the most hilarious person on earth.  it's not a good combination, trust me.  so anyways to quote my bff odb "fbi don't you be watching me."


  1. Are you taking a break or a brake? Hee hee.

    Did you mean to say cereal in "taken seriously in general, for cereal"?

    I love your creativity. You are a prize.

  2. Are you sure you're not secretly related to my daughter? She also has a dark sense of humor. ;)

    You have so much talent!