19 January 2012

when music effects the better half of my judgement...

what happens when i listen to the jesus & mary chain whilst getting ready...

 jacket full tilt sports bra target leggings bdg sheer dress coincidence & chance platforms deena & ozzy

what happens when i listen to the new york dolls all the live long day....

it has just occurred to me that i never told my mother my hair was now pink - so mom, my hair is pink by the way, but just the tips, and it's subtle now - no heart attacks.


  1. Your hair is cool, but don't tell my Sarah that I said that - don't want her to get any ideas, not that she doesn't have enough of her own ;) lol.

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. The blog will remain there, I'm not deleting anything, but as said, I'm just not going to be adding anything new. When I receive sweet comments like yours, it makes me sad and regret my decision a little because meeting people like you through the blog was the good stuff that I'm sad to let go. But please DO keep in touch. If you do Facebook, yes, I'm there and I post TONS of photos (more than on the blog even) and I do write updates there almost every day. I just like the Facebook aspect more, because it's limited to the friends and family I allow in and I need to take a step back from the public eye of blogging, and try some new things.

    With much love,

  2. Hey Pinky,

    Just in time for Valentines day.

    Who did it?

  3. Love the shoes & the hair (sorry, Pod!)...be sure to ask me about my days of pink hair and just precisely HOW that happened...