12 February 2012

judging books by the cover and other unbecoming behaviors.

it's one of the oldest golden rules - don't judge a book by the cover.
in other words, don't judge that girl over there because she chose to wear a mickey mouse club circa 1993 episode when she's not even attending a 90's themed party.
i'm good about this - i'll even buy her a drink and have a debate whether tony lucca or ryan gosling was dreamier (tony lucca, duh).

[side note: my roommate was just telling me about the mickey mouse club reunion on the voice the other night. like right now. that's weird.  i honestly had no idea - i'm biased towards american idol for the obvious reasons.  so bravo lucca, maybe this time you'll emerge from keri russell's shadow.]

i'm not even going to lie. i struggle with this specific golden rule - but only in dealing with shoes.
i understand some people like to choose comfort and posture vs. chic blah blah blah.
 i'm just saying i don't think it would hurt to invest in some dr. scholl's.  
i'm. just. saying.

i can't help it.  some people get word vomit.  i get shoe judgy.

it has just been my experience that a shoe can say a lot about someone's identity.

sixteen-year-old girl circa nineteen-sixties
  jeffrey campbell '60s floral lana boot

this is the character i resonate the most with.  her presence is scattered all over my apartment.

i will say this - no other shoe has spoke more to me than this pair.
something about them told me that they would bring good into my life and in the next few months i will need all the luck i can get.

i plan on wearing them as i sit at my desk fabricating my future.
i plan on wearing them as i email resume after resume.
i plan on wearing them as i answer unfamiliar telephone numbers.
i plan on wearing them as i interview.

i plan on wearing them when i listen to the kinks.
i plan on wearing them to the taco shop.
i plan on wearing them to visit a large ball of twine.
i definitely plan on wearing them in marfa.
i plan on sleeping in them.

most of all i plan on wearing them and walking down the street with not a care in the world and whistling "get happy".

nineteen-seventies tramp
  deena and ozzy velvet platform boot

when i wear these people say "dude, that girl told me last week that stevie nicks was her spirit animal." duh.
i float around in robes and my dishwater hair is ev.er.y.where.
i personally don't think i even need to inform people - they should just know.  
of course, steven tyler would also be an acceptable theory.

when my girl tania wears these boots - people just assume she is an 80's goth madonna obsessed eddie lee roth kicking badass.  

slowly stroke me
jeffrey campbell burgundy calf hair lita platform

who wouldn't want to wear their dog on their feet?


  1. Rudi is nervous. I tried to explain. See you at lunch. Wearing some sort of stilts no doubt. :)

  2. Just saw this post...I totally want to wear my dog (Pearlie Mae) on my feet...she'd feel just like fat, squishy-soft moon boots...yep