21 January 2013

fall 2013 trend forecasting.

two weeks time marks the opening of everybody's second favorite month out of the year.
(technically it's seventeen days ... but who's counting? no one here. big deal.)
it's fashion week ya'll!
(technically it should be called fashion month ... but who really cares? no one here.)

if you know me - you know not to disturb me the entire month.
if you don't know - you better know now.

i thought it would be fun to try my hand at forecasting.
see if i really am as clairvoyant as i let on. 

ladies and gentlemen i present to you my top three trends of fall 2013




at the end of it all we can reconvene and discuss how right i was.

if you are at all interested in my hilarious commentary of the fall 2013 collections, visit my socialbliss.


  1. I love the New Romantics. But you knew I would.

    Fingers crossed.

  2. Impressive work, A!! Love all the boards! Yeah, New Romantics for me too, but Wanderlust boards are also great~!