07 February 2013

girl panic!

every season i usually find one model that continues to catch my eye.
throughout spring 2013 couture julia nobis was that model.
julia carries her rare chameleon androgynous look with poise.
i wouldn't be surprised if she popped in and out of shows during fall 2013 ready-to-wear.
so here ye here ye - i dub julia nobis "the next big thing"

(for whatever reason i couldn't figure out how to link my photos - they're courtesy of Style.com, linked through her name above)

obviously what caught my eye were her two tattoos on the right bicep.
very rock 'n' roll.
as we know, there is nothing i love more than fashion and rock 'n' roll combined.
my favorite collaboration of the two, like ever, is duran duran's "girl panic" music video.
(let's be honest here, duran duran and fashion are kind of synonymous)
duran bring the rock.
naomi campbell, eva herzigova, cindy crawford, helena christensen, and duh, yasmin le bon bring the roll.
vanessa coyle brings the non-chalant opulence fashion.
no really, she kills it.
(can you tell i'm dying? to think this video has been out since 2011 and i'm still dying!)
i feel like "love" doesn't even begin to cover the basics.
that's how you know it's true love.

okay, enough raving for today...

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okay bye.

1 comment:

  1. She is really versatile! Too bad they put a pot on her head in the last image.

    Girl Panic is very reminiscent of Girls on Film.