14 February 2013

say it loud! i'm single, i'm proud!

i’m a single girl.  by choice.  usually when this minute fact about myself is revealed i receive a round of pity.  older women tend to make a bee-line for the closest single man available.  obviously chemistry and interests don’t make a relationship any more, the only thing needed for a match these days are two single people.  i do have to say, albeit embarrassing, i prefer this response to the reactions of those my age.  being single is apparently equivalent to being a leper.  is this not 2013?  what is the harm in a young girl choosing to be single?  guess what else?!  i choose not to sleep around either!  oh the horror!  clearly, i have a disease.  please.  lock me away in solitary confinement.  my feministic ideals might be contagious.  

i am in no way putting down the man. i mean, i still rely heavily on the support of my father (i am working towards financial dependency however if you must know).  i love men.  they are quite amusing.  i am 23.  i have no idea who i am - how am i supposed to know what i want in a relationship?  guys my age - great friends, but they’re selfish assholes.  i’m sorry.  you know it is true.  any self aware person should know that young men only want one thing.  older men - i’m not exactly in a position where i can meet them.  i also do not believe i am mature enough of a person to engage in a relationship with someone experienced in life.  it is that simple.  i’m not ready.  it is not something you can force or rush.  love comes in its own time.

valentines day.  it can be classified in one of two which ways.  you are either in a significant relationship and believe the holiday to be the best hallmark conception or you pour an extra helping of bitter into your morning coffee and no matter how hard you try you cannot  shun singles awareness day.  but do you know what?  i love chocolate and plushies!  i think flowers are nice, as is a glass or two of wine.  pink and purple are okay colors by my standards.  i do not have a boyfriend to buy me these things (although i do have a mom!)  i also really happen to despise bitterness.  above all else, i love myself.  who needs a man to buy you lame generic candy last minute at walgreens?  you can totally buy yourself exactly what you want and have the best gal-entine’s day.

your soundtrack for galentines day featuring all kinds of girl power.
nobody did it better than the 90's.


  1. Gal entine's day! I may or may not have just snorted. Love it! Love you.

    Will you be my Valentine? Like forever?

  2. Girlfriend, you and I have got to meet. Your mom is one of my favorite people in the world and she talks about you non-stop. I love this post, and think you are totally on spot with your opinion. That being said, you are someones Valentine.....your mom, dad and brother are yours in return......it's not all about romance. I hope your Valentines day was just as special as you are, and I'm looking forward to the day your mom and you come and craft with me.


    1. I have been dying to meet you for years now! Pretty much all of my prized possessions have come from you, and the one time I talked on the phone with you for two seconds I liked you instantaneously! I hope you had a very special Valentines as well Ms. Meri.


  3. Oh, my Smoochie, I've NEVER been SO PROUD!!

    Love you!

    Your sis, T