01 November 2013

dreams unwind love's a state of mind.

here i am attempting to channel my most favorite person of all time.

fun fact: i had teachers call me stevie when they had difficulty pronouncing my name.
you can't learn my name and you want me to memorize the periodic table.

let's take a moment to appreciate my hallowed weener's meaty little paws.
they are just delectable.

chiffon robe forever 21 lace dress vintage velvet leggings bdg pony hair platforms jeffrey campbell

 it literally took me the entire day to put on eye makeup.
like wtf adhd and ocd?!?
sometimes you just have to draw the line say "stop it. stop it right now."

top hat unknown fringe shawl vintage

most importantly you must remember to never forget your stash of coke.
(disclaimer: this is a bag of pixie stix and gold sprinkles for extra sparkle not real life actual cocaine.)

now let's just take a moment to appreciate the gold dust woman herself.

fyi: prince co-wrote and played the synthesizer in this song.
that's why it is so amazing.

now here is a video of my two favorite people singing together:

umm, duh.

just because.

fun fact: for as long as i can remember i've told anybody and everybody linsdey buckingham is my dad.
a girl can dream.

really what i took away from this halloween is that i need to start a shawl business.
bring on the chiffon, fringe and velvet.


  1. you look AMAZING! rocked her look! Stevie is my favorite muse so i totally dig your choice! love those JC!